The Cast of Harmony

Let’s call the cast of Harmony,
And cast out the foes of Happiness,
Loosing the troop of Melancholy,
To set the stage with friends of Bliss.

So lonely Selfishness be gone,
In your place kneel Servitude,
So ugly Evil, so long,
In your place should stand Good.

Cruelty barks as he is driven away,
So that Kindness may play the part
Of the loyal dog bound to stay
With Master Loyalty, who wheels the cart,
That carries Betrayal to his grave.

Hope, you have the role of Despair;
Now, Rage, retire to the Pit;
Now, Calm, you stand right there,
Next to Courage who never sits,
Who replaced the coward who sat in fear.

Hate, you failed, you’re fired, leave,
And make room for shining Love,
Who knows nothing of how to deceive,
For only Truth comes from above.

Fill the stage and act your roles,
Allow Patience to direct your moves;
His voice is soft unlike Frustration’s growl;
His voice, it guides, it soothes.

Yes, mind yourselves, know your ways,
And fulfill the potential of the play,
Which is joyous life on any day.

If you falter just look to the lead,
Whom of course is Love,
If you stumble just look to He,
The brilliant light above, that
On our simple stage is the simple dove.

Our costumes are plain, our stage is neat,
Now that Pride is gone.
Come please, Humility, sit and eat,
While the rest of us sing to you a song …
“… Last shall be first in the Kingdom of God.”

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