You Said It

This is their general feeling:
No real need to continue on;
We made it this far;
We have nothing to prove.

Living a philosophy
And misunderstanding

Utter fatalists, individualists,
And misanthropes,
They wear earplugs
To block the sound of the
Earth / animals / people

Suffering?  Where?
I will do something.

Their cameras are turned inward.
They only look at pictures of themselves.

They drive new cars
And have low interest rates.

They feel good.
They feel like they are twenty-five.

Suffering?  Environmental destruction?

Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers.
Nothing wrong with them
In moderation.

Nothing too much.

Not too much war.
Not too much torture.
Not too much spying.
Not too much radioactive waste.

They love self-checkout
And their stupid phones.

They try not to worry.
They work to keep their stress levels low.

They are terrified of death.
They envy youth.

They wear a lot of synthetic fiber.
Their homes are highly flammable.

1 comment:

  1. Staring into narcissus lens asking am I still young am I still beautiful please affirm me. This is my meaning. Is this not the place of the fountain of youth. Don't betray me I will live forever my memory will be immortalized on film forever I had a family once but their existence matters not all that matters is me me glorious aging me