In Silence Hear

I called the children slobs.  I was not gentle with them.
     We took a noontime sail in the park.  Comme loin que le ceour peut voir des arbres.
     A train glided along the shoreline.  There were many tanks of oil that reminded me of submarines.  That rough black.  That pill shape.  The hatches.  I supposed America drank more gas than water.
     Pacific pointed out a murder of crows.  Their triangular black shape.
     We imagined sailing on a storm-thrown sea.  The grass dove in on itself.  We cut through a valley of ocean.
     We stood on large smooth stones
     And spread our wings
     Counting three, two, one
     And flew.
     Strangers spread a blanket over a picnic table and spread their lunch.  Pacific lived on the stones.  The sun shone and made a warm wind.  A woman in a white coat with black buttons paced aimlessly across the field.  The sunlight flixed off the windshields of the cars going down the hill.  The front of the car parked next to ours was smashed in.
     I took roads new and saw a beautiful sculpture of a black bear and many beautiful working-class homes.  At the grocery store we got stuck behind someone who waited five minutes for a spot to open.  A black woman with beautifully curled hair and a beautifully long nose walked in front of our car.
     Pacific wrote on his hand with a red pen.
     Pacific took a shower today.  He likes the shower now.  The shower sounds like fire.
     Kirsten and I did not get along this morning.  She was mad because I was unhelpful while she cleaned the house.  We stopped talking for an hour.
     The reasons have little to do with what you say.  Not ineffable but inexpressible.  Transcending nuance and habit.  It is the energy in the hands.  Her hand and your hand clasped that makes the shape of the heart.

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